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Ibiza is a small island off the coast of Spain, also called the white island for its beaches with crystal clear waters. It is one of the favorite destinations for celebrities, young people and sun lovers in general.

The name Eivissa comes from the Phoenician, which means "Island of Bes". Bes was a Phoenician god of fertility, dance, and music. The island jealously guards in its essence the legacy of the peoples who loved it: Carthaginians, Phoenicians, Romans, Muslims... We owe the name of Punta Arabí to the latter, since it was an enclave during the Islamic period.

The southern half of the island has world-famous nightclubs and the northern half has a more rustic character, in the town of Santa Eulalia del Río, where you can't miss its weekly hippy market.

Ibiza UNESCO Heritage
It is known worldwide for its natural biodiversity, which has been preserved throughout history. It is an island with one of the best preserved marine ecosystems in the Mediterranean marine basin. Likewise, the fortified city of Dalt Vila stands out for its impressive Renaissance architecture, preserved over many years.

Llum Hotels puts at your disposal a wide range of hotels with everything you need to make your vacation in the company of your friends, partner or family an unforgettable experience.
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