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Our famous and unique HIPPY MARKET

The beginnings of the Punta Arabí Hippy Market date back to 1973, when the management of the complex offered the hippies living on the island the possibility of selling their products, artisanal or those from different parts of the world, to the few tourists staying at that time in the Club.

In its beginnings, the market had only five stalls: Maggie with her delicious cakes, a lady from Formentera who sold sweaters knitted by hand with the wool of her own sheep, a boy selling puppies, some children who exchanged toys and another person selling jewelry. brought from India.

Today it has more than 450 stalls on Wednesdays and around 100 on Fridays, combining gastronomy, music and the hippy spirit with products as varied as costume jewellery, clothing, art, raffia, footwear and details to remember your vacation on the magical island.
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